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The story behind our Video
Every year for the past 3 years I have produced a little video to give as a gift to our families. This year we have been planning to do a music video and had introduced our kids Cody and Emily to Five Iron Frenzy. Our kids especially love the song Blue Comb 78. Our oldest who was five a the time and our 4 year old daughter seemed perfect to be cast as the brother and sister described in the song so we decided we'd do our music video depicting the story.
We shot the video on the only sunny day in December 2003. The location was a 2-mile stretch of pretty much deserted road just past vancouver lake. We shot the footage in about 4 1/2 hours with the aid of my father-in-law (Larry) and a friend (craig) for the scenes outside the car. Larry drove craig's truck while craig filmed from the bed of the truck with a tripod. All of the footage was shot with a Canon XL-1. The car was borrowed from some friends of ours Jay and Anna-Lisa Peach it's a 1956 Chevy Station wagon, with no power steering. We did about 30 different takes of the comb flying out the window that day and we only had one comb so we had to retrieve it after every shot.

Hope you enjoy the video. I'd love to hear your comments feel free to email me at